Services & Apps for the first-ever BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer.

Communication, information and entertainment – experience mobility in a completely new way with the Services & Apps from BMW ConnectedDrive.

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The equipment option ConnectedDrive Services forms the basis for BMW ConnectedDrive functions, which provide the driver with a wide range of information, entertainment and service features while on the road.
These include BMW Online, which provides access to current, location-based information such as weather and news, an online search powered by GoogleTM, as well as office functions. In the applications menu, it is also possible to assemble an individualised array of services such as webcams, fuel price information, parking information, as well as travel and hotel guides.
This also includes convenient, secure and unlimited access to selected smartphone apps. ConnectedDrive Services also provides access to the BMW ConnectedDrive Store, in which services and apps can be ordered and extended any time and anywhere to suit the user's individual requirements. The equipment option ConnectedDrive Services offers all this and more, making every trip in a BMW a real experience.


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How ConnectedDrive Services work.

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BMW Connected is a personal mobility assistant which facilitates everyday mobility and aids drivers in reaching their destinations relaxed and on time. All relevant services are also remotely available at all times on iPhone und Apple Watch via the app.

Destinations that have been found in the web or via other application such as Yelp, Apple Maps, Google Maps can be easily and conveniently imported into BMW Connected and seamlessly transferred to the vehicles navigation system with just a single click. Meetings, including addresses and intended arrival times, saved in the iPhone calendar are automatically imported into the BMW Connected mobility agenda. Based on current location and traffic conditions, BMW Connect calculates the planned arrival time, alerts users ahead of time and guides them on foot from the parked car to their final destination. If a delay is unavoidable due to unforeseeable traffic obstacles or if no parking space is available in the immediate vicinity of the final destination, users can send a text message via BMW connected to inform the waiting party of the estimated time of arrival, without having to physically use their phone. In addition, BMW Connected learns to recognize frequent destinations and automatically adds them to the mobility agenda.

The BMW Connected App can be downloaded from the Apple App Store.


Hardly have time to read? Audio books are an answer that are constantly attracting more enthusiasts – among other reasons, because they allow drivers to enjoy literature while in the car. With the Audible app for the iPhone (available for a fee), over 150,000 audio books and spoken-word titles are available for download.
Audible offers the terrific opportunity to make the best of the commute with a good book. On long trips, children's books keep the little ones' boredom at bay, and for adults, literary fare provides a welcome change to music.
To use this certified "BMW Apps ready" in the BMW, just download it from the App Store, connect the smartphone by USB or the snap-in adapter and start the app. Immediately, all of the app functions can be operated comfortably and safely with the iDrive Controller and the Control Display , and the audio books are played over the car's audio system.

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