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Charging the BMW i8.

In addition to various assistance services and options for flexible mobility, the comprehensive service package 360° ELECTRIC also offers an innovative charging concept. The BMW i8 can be charged at home very conveniently with the BMW i Wallbox or the charge cable. A growing number of public charging stations will be available on the Indonesian roads, with access being obtained easily and conveniently.


360° Electric.

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At home you can charge the BMW i8 very easily with a BMW i Wallbox Pure. These charging stations, which are mounted on the house or garage wall, not only complement the unique design of the BMW i8 vehicles optically, but also charge the BMW i8 much faster than is possible with the charge cable supplied as standard.
The installation service offered by BMW i will be glad to carry out an on-site check to see whether the BMW i Wallbox Pure can be mounted on your house wall and connected to your electricity supply. Qualified electricians from the BMW i installation partner will also take care of delivery, installation and commissioning on request. Using the service which you can get from purchasing the BMW i8 from the dealer, you will be able to find out in advance whether is it possible to install the BMW i Wallbox in your home. And because BMW i advocates complete sustainability in e-mobility, a green electricity contract with a selected BMW i Partner can also be arranged for you on request, or you can generate your own energy with a solar carport organised by BMW i.


* Depending on the local electricity infrastructure.

[Duration of charging and green energy option can be adapted for country]

  • BMW i Wallbox

    The BMW i Wallbox is a home charging station for private users which allows them to charge their BMW i8 safely, quickly and easily.
    The Pure model, one of two available options, ensures that the charging process is uncomplicated and reliable. As soon as the vehicle is connected with the Wallbox via the charge cable, the process starts automatically, but can be interrupted at any time by pressing the stop button. With the BMW i Wallbox Pure for home installation, the BMW i8 is charged within a maximum of two hours*.
    With their ergonomic and high-quality emotive BMW i design, BMW i Wallboxes are the perfect match for your BMW i8. Like the vehicle itself, they are also produced to a large extent from recyclable materials. If required, installation can be carried out via the BMW i Wallbox Installation Service.

    * Depending on the local electricity infrastructure.

  • BMW i Wallbox Installation Service

    BMW i offers an attractive all-round service for the installation of the Wallbox: with the online quick-check, you can soon see whether the installation of a BMW i Wallbox is possible. Your BMW i dealer can also perform this quick test together with you, if necessary. The Wallbox installation check, which you can order directly from your BMW i dealer, will ensure that your electrical installation and application situation allow the installation of a BMW i Wallbox. The last step is the installation of the Wallbox via the Wallbox Installation Service, which you can order from your BMW i dealer.


In the non-electric driving modes, the high-voltage battery is charged directly by the petrol engine so that it is available for the boost function. Here most energy is fed into the battery in the SPORT mode, and the energy recovery in thrust and brake phases also reaches its maximum. In the COMFORT and ECO PRO modes, correspondingly less energy flows into the high-voltage battery. And if you are driving your BMW i8 in the HYBRID mode, the high-voltage battery is charged exclusively by Brake Energy Regeneration.


The real consumption of the BMW i8 depends entirely on personal patterns of usage. Due to the electrical drive components, individual driving behaviour has a higher influence on petrol consumption than is the case in conventional vehicles. With a fully charged battery, the maximum purely electrical range of 37 km can be fully utilised. If the eDrive button is activated, a purely electrical speed of up to 120 km/h is possible. In the driving modes COMFORT and ECO PRO, the petrol engine is automatically switched on by an intelligent operating strategy, and also for purposes of recharging the battery. In the SPORT mode, the petrol engine is running continuously. Depending on the type of driving and length of the route, this affects the consumption of the BMW i8 – the more often you charge the high-voltage battery by cable or Wallbox, the more you will be able to drive purely electrically and hence reduce the overall consumption.

  • Urban driving

    When driving in the city, the BMW i8 fully exploits the strengths of the plug-in hybrid. Short distances can be covered purely electrically, and operation in the HYBRID mode allows a combined consumption of 47.6 km/l with emission figures of 49 g CO2/km.

  • Everyday driving

    If you use the BMW i8 for daily commuting of approx. 60 to 80 km, the petrol consumption amounts to approximately 20 km/l. This means you can enjoy driving pleasure in a thoroughbred sports car every day while at the same benefiting from the same consumption as a compact car.

  • Long-distance driving

    The BMW i8 also displays a new type of efficiency on long routes. However, depending on the current charge level of the high-voltage battery, petrol consumption will still remain above 12.5 km/l on the next holiday trip.

  • Sporty driving

    If you call up the full power of the BMW i8 in the SPORT mode, the petrol engine supports the battery in the charging process and thus helps to guarantee full system performance at any time. As a result, the overall consumption in practice is up to 8.3 km/l – a value that is approximately one third below the figure for a conventional sports car with a comparable performance.