BMW ConnectedDrive Apps in the BMW X3.

Versatility is an integral part of the BMW X3. Whether for communication, information or entertainment – the innovative solutions from BMW ConnectedDrive allow you to experience mobility in an entirely new way.


The equipment option ConnectedDrive Services forms the basis for BMW ConnectedDrive functions, which provide the driver with a wide range of information, entertainment and service features while on the road.

The offer includes access to current location-based information such as weather and news, as well as an online search powered by GoogleTM and practical office functions. Services and features such as parking information, as well as travel and hotel guides can be accessed directly in the car without a smartphone via the ConnectedDrive menu.

Convenient, secure and unlimited access to selected smartphone apps is also integrated. ConnectedDrive Services also provides access to the BMW ConnectedDrive Store, in which services and apps can be ordered and extended anytime and anywhere to suit the user's individual requirements. The equipment option ConnectedDrive Services offers all this and more, making every trip in a BMW a real experience.

  • BMW Connected App

    Apps can now be conveniently accessed inside a BMW. The free BMW Connected app (available with Apple iOS and Android smartphones) allows social media and infotainment features such as Twitter, web radio (web radio not available with the Android app) or a personal smartphone calendar to be used in the car. This option is only available in conjunction with ConnectedDrive Services.

    When a smartphone is connected to the car with the snap-in adapter, compatible with a variety of mobile phones, or a smartphone USB cable, the user can conveniently access web radio stations from around the world (when using an Apple iPhone), the latest Twitter status updates and any upcoming appointments via the iDrive system. These features are either displayed in the Control Display or read aloud over the speakers. Other features allow users to receive RSS news feeds and access Wiki Local, which provides Wikipedia information about the local area. The BMW Connected App also provides information about the current availability of "BMW Apps ready” apps (third-party apps).


With the Navigation system Professional, a Bluetooth connection and BMW ConnectedDrive Services, picking up the phone is no longer necessary. All text can now be entered vocally. The message dictation allows spoken messages to be converted into text, which can then be sent as emails or text messages. The message dictation can also be used to compose Twitter posts with BMW apps. The message dictation is available free of charge for the first 60 days, after which a fee-based contract with Nuance® is required.

More information on Bluetooth compatibility with smartphones and other mobile devices is available at www.bmw.com/bluetooth.


Bluetooth Office allows to use time spent in the car more effectively. Via Bluetooth-enabled devices, daily work can be conveniently organised while on the go. E-mails, appointments, tasks and text messages are shown on the Control Display or read aloud over the audio speakers. It is also possible to display calendar entries from the Apple iPhone via BMW Apps. A list of all compatible mobile devices is available at www.bmw.com/bluetooth.

  • *Disclaimer :

    Service and equipment availability may vary in Indonesia, please contact your BMW authorized dealership for more information and detail.