Luxurious Journey
News | 2017.01.31


An exclusive BMW Driving Experience exuding magnificence and lavishness. 

Jakarta.  After the memorable launch of the Indonesia assembled all-new BMW 7 Series at the end of 2016, BMW Indonesia is embarking 2017 with an exciting two-day exclusive event especially for its media friends, featuring the impressive line-up of the BMW 7 Series. This luxurious driving experience will demonstrate exactly why this model has won glorious titles, the world luxury car award and illustrate what it stands for - a full-size luxury sedan that cruises swiftly along the roads while offering maximum comfort and well-being for its passengers through numerous breakthrough innovations.

“The all-new BMW 7 Series has truly earned its Driving Luxury status by passing through numerous evolutions which have always been about meticulous care to detail and the highest level of performance. Through this luxurious driving experience, we’d really like to show why that motto is precisely fit for the BMW 7 Series. To this end, we are enabling our media friends to indulge in around 613 km luxurious driving experience with the all-new BMW 7 Series line-up, namely the all-new BMW 740Li and the Indonesian-assembled all-new BMW 730Li. 

The luxurious driving experience represents the first tour for the Indonesian-assembled all-new BMW 7 Series, a model that has comfortably met all the high standards expected of BMW in terms of processes, quality control, and safety requirements – what’s more, it is proudly built in our Production Network 2, right here in North Jakarta,” said Jodie O’tania, Vice President of Corporate Communications, BMW Group Indonesia at the opening of the Luxurious Journey.