Online Technical Updates
News | 2017.03.06


Jakarta. BMW Group Indonesia has launched its latest online aftersales service feature through the official BMW and MINI websites. This impressive feature makes it easy for all BMW and MINI customers to check the updates that are available for their vehicle and ensure that their vehicle is always in top shape – at no charge. The introduction of this online feature reaffirms the commitment of BMW Group Indonesia to continue innovating by offering both the best products and services to its customers, especially in terms of comfort and safety. 

BMW customers who wish to access the Technical Update menu need only visit the official website, select the Offers and Services menu, click For Your Vehicle and select Technical Update. Then simply enter the VIN of the vehicle into the appropriate column provided. 

MINI customers, meanwhile, can access the Technical Update menu through the official MINI website, select the Owners menu and click Technical Update. Likewise, then simply enter the VIN of the vehcile into the appropriate column provided.
The VIN Number (Vehicle Identification Number) referred to when checking for a vehicle update  through this feature is the identification code for the vehicle. A VIN consists of 17 characters (numbers and capital letters) that serve as a unique identifier for BMW and MINI vehicles. The VIN Number can be found on the pillar of the driver’s door, as illustrated below.