Tire Coverage Program
News | 2016.02.11


The first and only Tire Coverage in Indonesia in collaboration with Allianz Utama.
Jakarta. BMW Group Indonesia in cooperation with PT Asuransi Allianz Utama Indonesia (Allianz Utama), is presenting a breakthrough tire protection program, the first and only of its kind in Indonesia - BMW Group Tire Coverage.
“As part of BMW Group Indonesia's commitment to pioneer innovations and provide superior services, this year we are officially collaborating with Allianz Utama to provide the first and only tire protection program in Indonesia – BMW Group Tire Coverage Program. This collaboration is a tangible sign of BMW Group Indonesia pledge that each and every one of our new models will always have a strong emphasis on quality and innovative technology, along with a guarantee of unmatched comfort and functionality. All these factors come together in perfect harmony to consistently deliver unrivalled products to our customers," said Karen Lim, President Director of BMW Group Indonesia.
BMW Group was the world’s first manufacture to commit proactively to driving safety back in 2005 by providing Run-Flat Tire (RFT) as standard. Compared with conventional tyres, the run-flat system offers considerable advantages in terms of safety, comfort, space, weight and mobility after a tyre failure. BMW and MINI customer can continue on a straight course, even after a sudden or slow puncture on one or several tyres, and remains in control for at least another 150 km at speeds of up to 80 km/h. Going into 2016, BMW Group Indonesia is extending its commitment on driving safety for BMW and MINI customer even further by introducing BMW Group Tire Coverage program.
“We recognize that having tires in top condition is one of the most important factors in maintaining driving safety. Risks of damages could happen everywhere, regardless of topography and climate. Therefore, this year we are even one step further than the competition by offering ultimate peace of mind for our customers when driving with BMW Group Tire Coverage program, a 3-year protection for your tires. This program is about the BMW and MINI ownership experience and we want to support our dealers provide it to all of the customers.” Karen added.
BMW Group Tire Coverage period is 3 years and includes replacement up to 4 tires per year up to 100% that covered the tires and labor cost, it covers damage caused by punctures, bulging, cut burst and torn or the vehicle continuing to run on flat tires. The tires will be replaced with the original one, terms and conditions apply. This program is attached to certain cars start from January 2016, and transferable to the next owner.
“This program provides just the kind of protection our customers want, which is also a manifestation of our commitment to satisfying the needs of all BMW and MINI owners in Indonesia, while also providing added value to their vehicles. Looking at the range of benefits it offers, we believe this program will be warmly received by BMW and MINI customers throughout Indonesia” Karen concluded.
Meanwhile, Peter Van Zyl President Director of Allianz Utama, said that BMW Group Tire Coverage program is a tire protection product that Allianz exclusively provide to BMW and MINI owners. “Allianz always wants to be a trusted partner in offering best products and providing our business partners and customers need. We also realize that safety riding is an important thing that should be done continuously, therefore we work together with BMW Group Indonesia to deliver BMW Group Tire Coverage to customers in Indonesia,” said Peter.
For more information about the BMW Group Tire Coverage program, customers can phone the BMW Group Call Center at 021-2927 9677 from Monday – Thursday from 09:00 – 17:00 or visit www.mybmw.co.id.