BMW Exhibition at Plaza Senayan
Media Information | 2019.02.15


Drive to Prosperity; free-of-charge title transfer for BMW 5 Series andBMW 3 Series.


Fulfilling its promise to get closer to its customers, BMW Indonesia is holding the BMW Exhibitionfor 3 days from 15-17 February 2019 at Plaza Senayan Atrium. This event will feature a number ofspecial programs that customers will get more familiar with, such as the intriguing Drive toProsperity program as well as the Trade-in & Trade-Up program which has met with a greatresponse since it was introduced last year. Access to vehicle ownership on credit has alsobecome easier and faster with BMW Financial Services, which can be tailored to suits the needsof customers. Visitors will also be able to try out a full range of BMW vehicles in person, includingthe latest model - the all-new BMW X4 xDrive30i M Sport X.

Drive to Prosperity Program: Pay Off-The Road, Drive On-The Road is a program speciallydesigned to ensure driving comfort while enjoying the best prices without a Title Transfer Fee. Thisprogram applies specifically to the BMW 320i Luxury at a price of Rp. 729,000,000 - off-the-roadand the BMW 530i Luxury at a price of Rp. 1,169,000,000 - off-the-road. Meanwhile, the Trade-in& Trade-Up program offers a solution for customers who want to swap their vehicle for one of thelatest models from BMW, specifically BMW 7 Series, BMW 5 Series and BMW 3 Series models aswell as BMW X models such as the BMW X5 and BMW X1. With the launch of this program,potential BMW users get extra solutions in terms of car ownership, in addition to low interest ratesfor up to 5 years, warranties and service inclusive also for up to 5 years, as well as packages thatextend the warranty period – all directly available at the same event

"The BMW Exhibition is returning in the early part of 2019 with a variety of attractive offers,including the Drive to Prosperity and Trade-in & Trade-Up Programs, offering an unparallledopportunity for prospective BMW users to obtain their dream vehicle and feel the Sheer DrivingPleasure associated with a BMW. This three-day event also features an attractive financingprogram and a complete range of test-drive units, including the latest BMW X models: The First-Ever BMW X2 and All-new BMW X," said Jodie O’tania, Vice President CorporateCommunications, BMW Group Indonesia.

Meanwhile, in addition to the variety of special programs at the BMW Exhibition, the event will alsofeature a discussion about the latest digital features which help the vehicle purchasing processoffered by BMW Financial Services (BFS). BMW Financial Services is aimed at expanding BMW's performance tradition and quality so that users always enjoy the best experience possible,just like BMW's signature driving comfort. The benefits of BMW Financial Services include thefollowing:

  • Options tailored to Down Payments or monthly installments.
  • Insurance benefits options.
  • Competitive interest rates.
  • Quick leadtime approval.

BMW Financial Services in Indonesia works together with Maybank Indonesia Finance.

The BMW Financing Calculator is a solution from BMW Financial Services (BFS) intended tomake your vehicle purchasing journey more personal and as easy as possible.Steps in using the BMW Financing Calculator:

  • Go to the website:
  • Enter the channel Services – BMW Financial Services.
  • Click Financing Calculator.
  • Enter the desired monthly installment.
  • Choose the vehicle of interest.
  • Get a live calculation estimate and comparison.

"BMW Indonesia is constantly committed to delivering the best service and most innovative vehicleline-up for its customers. The BMW Financing Calculator is a valuable tool when it comes toenhancing convenience for customers keen on owning a BMW,” Jodie added.

Care4Water: BMW Group Indonesia’s Corporate Social Responsibility Program. At the same event, BMW Indonesia is also introducing its Corporate Social Responsibilitycampaign called Care4Water. This global CSR program from BMW AG has already had a positiveimpact on more than 1,000,000 people in 7 countries; Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, Thailand, India,Mongolia, and China. The theme of this CSR program is JOY CAMPAIGN FOR HEALTH ANDWELLNESS. Consistent with this theme, the concept of Care4Water is to donate clean waterfilters to people in need, be they individuals, families or villages. This year, BMW Indonesia will donate 1 clean water filter unit for every vehicle unit sold at the BMW Exhibition.

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