BMW Group Indonesia Underlines its Leadership in Innovation, Technology, Luxury, Comfort and Driving Pleasure at the 2019 Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS)
Media Information | 2019.02.25


  • Indonesian Premiere of the Road Star, the All-New BMW Z4.
  • BMW Indonesia expands its customer segment by presenting11 BMW models featuring the latest innovations.
  • Outstanding offers for customers including freeShell V-Power for 1 year*.


Jakarta. BMW Indonesia is underlining its leadership in terms of innovation, luxury, comfort,and driving pleasure at the 2019 Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS). Align with IIMS2019 theme, BMW Indonesia offers the real infinite automotive experience features 11 BMWand 4 MINI vehicles, led by the launch of the Road Star: the All-New BMW Z4 and the newly-launched All-New BMW X5. Located in Hall D4, the BMW Group Pavilion covers an area of868 square meters, offering the latest range of vehicles, a complete test-drive line-up, andnew additions to the BMW Lifestyle Collection and accesories.


Ramesh Divyanathan, President Director BMW Group Indonesia, explained, “At this year’sevent, the BMW Group Pavilion is all about presenting state-of-the-art automotive technology.We are committed to creating pioneering vehicles that emphasize dynamic performance,exceptional efficiency, aesthetic appeal, and, of course, leading-edge technology. We areshowcasing our strongest line-up of BMW vehicles at our pavilion including several new
additions to our growing stable.”


“Most notably, we are showcasing the Road Star – All-New BMW Z4. Aroadster is not a car you need, but one you desire. It makes a statement.The all-new Z4 is just that: a statement. It differs substantially from its predecessor, as is clear the first time you lay your eyes on it. This car embodies our newdesign language in a very special way: it is pure, dynamic and progressive. That’s why I’mpretty sure the heart of every BMW fan will beat faster when they catch a glimpse of thisexceptional car. What’s more, IIMS 2019 will also play an important part in the year of X, inthat customers will get the chance to explore and test-drive the newly-launched BMW X5along with other BMW X variants,” added Ramesh.


Indonesian Premiere of the All-New BMW Z4.

The all-new BMW Z4 boasts remarkable agility, dynamic performance and precisehandling, underpinned by its further refined powertrain and chassis. From the outside, theway in which the roadster concept has evolved is plain to see from the car’s proportions.The all-new BMW Z4 has a low-slung, sporty, compact appearance when viewed from anyangle. In addition, the all-new BMW Z4 comes with various new features, including thelatest design language, premium interior materials, the new 4-cylinder BMW TwinPowerTurbo engine, and BMW Live Cockpit Professional fitted as standard.


The most interesting innovation in this Roadster is the fully electric fabric soft-top. Thishigh-quality fabric soft-top is not only giving classy impresion but also able to opens andcloses at the push of a button within 10 seconds, even on the move at up to 50 km/h. Allthese features make the all-new BMW Z4 the future of the roadster segment,encapsulating the unrivalled pleasure of open-top driving.


Availability and price.

The all-new BMW Z4 will be available at IIMS 2019 and all Authorized BMW Dealers from 26April, 2019 at a price of Rp. 1.459.000.000,- off-the-road. Every vehicle includes BMW ServiceInclusive which covers free routine maintenance for 5 years or 60.000 km, whichever comesfirst, and a 36-month warranty without mileage limits. The vehicle’s tires are also protected byBMW Group Tire Coverage for 3 years, covering the replacement of 4 tires every year up to100% which includes the cost of the tires and technician, and covers damage caused bypunctures, swelling, and tears - or damage from continuous driving on flat tires. Damagedtires will be replaced with original ones - terms and conditions apply.


More information about the BMW Z4 can be found at and through the CallCenter + 62 21 2927 9677.

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