Strong Presence, Exclusivity and Spaciousness Fused in A Luxury Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV); The First-Ever BMW X7
Media Information | 2019.06.17

Strong Presence, Exclusivity And Spaciousness Fused In A Luxury Sports Activity Vehicle (Sav); The First-ever Bmw X7

The President - BMW X7 xDrive40i Pure Excellence withthree-rows of individual seats.


Jakarta. Today, BMW Indonesia has pulled back the covers on a new dimension in luxury bylaunching the first-ever BMW X7. As the flagship of BMW X family, THE X7 blends lavishpresence, exclusivity and spaciousness with the versatile and agile driving propertiescustomers would expect from a Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV). The First-Ever BMW X7, whichis being launched in BMW X7 xDrive40i Pure Excellence line, features a blend of dynamism,poise and versatility that is unrivalled in the luxury segment, and enhanced high-by BMW’snew design languange, impressive interior space, as well as a powerful engine and theprecisely-tuned BMW xDrive intelligent all-wheel-drive system.


“THE X7 represents the next stage in BMW’s ongoing model offensive in the luxury segment.An increased presence in this class and the systematic expansion of the BMW X modelportfolio are among the key areas the BMW Group has identified – as part of its NUMBERONE > NEXT strategy – to ensure sustained growth in the world’s car markets in the future.At the launch of THE X7 today, we are also emphasizing the BMW Story of Luxury, tocommunicate that the flagship models in the BMW portfolio embody a new understanding ofluxury – one which brings together emotion, inspirational aesthetics and the joy of drivingwith the experience of freedom and self-determined individuality,” said RameshDivyanathan, President Director BMW Group Indonesia.


“The latest and largest model in the BMW X line-up uses its outstanding powertrain andchassis technology to deliver an unparalleled driving experience. This is matched in theinterior by the generous levels of space in each of its three rows of seats along with aluxurious ambience and state-of-the-art equipment features. BMW’s new design languagebrings the modern elegance of the brand’s luxury-segment models to the exterior of theBMW X7, and adds visual poise, assurance and an overriding sense of authority,” addedRamesh.


A new dimension in luxury.

The expansive exterior dimensions of THE X7 take luxury to a new level. At 5,151 mm inlength, 2,000 mm wide and 1,805 mm tall, and with a wheelbase of 3,105 mm, the X7 boastsharmonious proportions and establishes itself very clearly as the 7 Series of the BMW Xmodel range.


The largest kidney grille ever designed for one of the brand’s models bestrides the frontend of the new BMW X7. Together with the slim twin headlights extending up to the grille,this emphasizes the width of the car and creates an inimitable presence. The modelcomes with BMW Laserlight with Adaptive LED Headlights as standard, and features awide lower air intake which is given extra structure by a horizontal chrome bar. The DesignPure Excellence equipment line features a three-dimensional version of the bar that turnsupwards at its outer edges. Integrated discreetly into the front apron on either side of thealuminium underguard are slim LED front foglamps.


When viewed from the side, the large windows and long, dynamically flowing roofline ofTHE X7 hint at a spacious interior bathed in light. The rear doors are longer than the frontdoors, emphasizing the spaciousness of this SAV. Clearly structured surfaces and the eye-catching character line rising up to the rear end are hallmarks of the brand’s new designlanguage. The first-ever BMW X7 to be launched in Indonesia is fitted as standard with 20-inch light-alloy wheels along with mixed tyres to improve its sense of power andperformance.


More space for an exclusive ambience.

The interior of the BMW X7 brings a fresh sensation of space to the luxury segment. Thethree rows of seats – including captain seats - treat the driver and passengers to anexceptional feeling of roominess and emit an exclusive aura. The front row can bespecified with optional multifunction seats featuring a massage function.


The roominess and versatility of the interior are underlined by the standard fitment of threerows of seats (offering space for six people in total) on board the BMW X7. The twopassengers in the second row settle into full-size seats complete with armrests, comfortAlcantara cushions, and USB ports. While the third row seats also comforted withadditional 5-zone air conditioning control, extended glass roof and most importantly therow could folds down flush into floor of luggage compartment. All seats are adjustedelectrically at the push of a button. The boot capacity can be increased from 326 to amaximum of 2,120 litres, as required.


The standard air suspension allows the car to be lowered at the touch of a button in theboot to make loading easier. The BMW X7 features a two-section split tailgate, bothelements of which have electric opening and closing as standard. Additionally, ComfortAccess will allow the tailgate opens and close hands-free just with feet movement.


Lighting and entertainment lay on a luxurious driving experience.

Carefully selected and meticulously crafted materials add to the car’s feeling of luxury, asdoes the extensive standard specifications. The BMW X7 comes as standard with BMWIndividual extended Merino leather trim including BMW Individual instrument panel finishedin leather is available in four color variants. The Panorama glass roof Sky Loungegenerates a very special and exclusive ambience, with LED light spreading evenly acrossthe glass surfaces to illuminate more than 15,000 graphic patterns and generate a displayreminiscent of a starlit sky. The colour scheme of this atmospheric light show can beadapted as desired. Ambient lighting including the Welcome Light Carpet and DynamicInterior Light are available to welcome all passengers during the comfort access welcomesequence. 16 speakers, and standard-fitted Harman Kardon surround sound system alsospoil the driver and passengers inside THE X7 with impressive audio richness.


The newly-designed display, which comes as part of the standard-fitted BMW Live CockpitProfessional, includes a Control Display and a fully-digital instrument cluster – each with ascreen diagonal of 12.3 inches. The system, which works using the BMW OperatingSystem 7.0 display, includes the intelligent voice control that responds to the prompt “HelloBMW” – also could be personalized based on your preference. This new control systemalso allows those in the rear of the vehicle to select and operate entertainment functions.The rear-seat passengers can use both their own media sources and those available inthe front compartment - which now available with touch display, Blu-ray and HDMIcapability. The vehicle also has high-quality handmade applications for selected controls.This visually appealing design feature is used for the gear selector, the start/stop button,the Controller and the audio system’s volume control.


Powerful engine delivering versatile performance.

With its powerful engine, BMW xDrive intelligent all-wheel-drive system and newly-developed, precisely tuned chassis technology, the BMW X7 sticks to the proven formula ofoff-road prowess combined with excellent ride comfort and agile on-road handling for whichthe brand’s Sports Activity Vehicles are renowned.


A six-cylinder 3.0-litre in-line petrol unit for the BMW X7 xDrive40i is equipped with BMWTwinPower Turbo technology comprising turbocharging, High Precision Injection,VALVETRONIC fully variable valve timing and Double-VANOS variable camshaft control.This perfectly balanced engine produces 340 hp at 5,500 – 6,500 rpm and a maximum 450Nm of torque from 1,500 rpm, allowing THE X7 to accelerate from 0-100 km/h in 6.1 secondswith a maximum speed of 245 km/h. The new BMW X7 meet the requirements of the Euro6d-TEMP emissions standard with CO2 emissions of 198 g/km.


The eight-speed Steptronic Sport transmission is fitted with a new generation of torsiondampers to limit rotational irregularities in the powertrain. The result is enhanced ride comfortand smoother gear changes. Meanwhile the task of transferring the car’s power onto eitherasphalt or loose terrain falls to the BMW xDrive intelligent all-wheel-drive system – completewith optimised efficiency and rear-biased set-up.


The BMW X7 boasts a wealth of chassis technology as standard, including Adaptivesuspension with electronically-controlled dampers, and air springs at both axles. ThexOffroad electronically controlled rear differential lock also hooks up with the DSC system.It works by limiting the equalization of the rotational speeds of the wheels on the insideand the outside of the bend and thus optimizes the transfer of power to the road indynamic driving situations. As a result, any tendency to understeer when powering throughcorners can be countered effectively. The vehicle’s ground clearance can be varied by upto 80 mm to suit the situation at hand – by either pressing a button or using the BMWDisplay Key. When SPORT driving mode is engaged or the car’s speed exceeds 138km/h, the ride height is automatically lowered by 20 mm.


Driver assistance systems for comfort and safety.

The progressive luxury epitomized by the new BMW X7 is further underlined by thesophisticated driver assistance systems available for enhancing comfort and safety. TheBMW X7 xDrive40i Pure Excellence comes with Cruise Control with braking function, aswell as the Collision and Pedestrian Warning with City Braking function, which also nowalerts the driver when a cyclist is detected.


The Parking Assistant Plus is capable of automatically selecting and maneuvering intospaces parallel to the road. The system takes care of acceleration and braking, steeringand any gear changes necessary. The surround view camera is designed to afford driversan excellent all-round view. These work together to create a 360° image of the vehicle andthe surrounding area on the Control Display.


A further illustration of BMW’s ongoing progress towards automated driving is provided bythe Reversing Assistant. When leaving a parking space or manoeuvring in a confinedarea, this function offers a level of assistance as yet unmatched by any othermanufacturer. The Reversing Assistant forms part of the standard Parking Assistant andoffers the highly convenient facility of automated reversing in confined spaces or situationswhere the driver does not have a clear view, such as multi-storey car parks or entrances tocourtyards. The system is then able to reverse the vehicle for distances of up to 50 metersby steering it along exactly the same line it took when moving forward; all the driver has todo is operate the accelerator and brake pedals and monitor the surrounding area. This means the Reversing Assistant can be used to maneuver the new BMW X7 backwards outof a parking position that it drove into forwards the preceding day.


Availability and price.

The First-Ever BMW X7 will be available at all Authorized BMW Dealers at a price ofRp. 2.349.000.000,- off-the-road and its first public appearance will be at the GaikindoIndonesia International Auto Show 2019 from 18 July 2019. Every vehicle includes BMWService Inclusive which covers free routine maintenance for 5 years or 60.000 km, whichevercomes first, and a 36-month warranty without mileage limits. The vehicle’s tires are alsoprotected by BMW Group Tire Coverage for 3 years, covering the replacement of 4 tiresevery year up to 100% which includes the cost of the tires and technician, and coversdamage caused by punctures, swelling, and tears - or damage from continuous driving onflat tires. Damaged tires will be replaced with original ones - terms and conditions apply.


“The BMW X7, the BMW 8 Series as well as the BMW i8 are joining the BMW 7 Series inthe brand’s significantly expanded luxury segment line-up. These cars appeal strongly tothe heart, so they are particularly well placed to enrich the dynamic lifestyles of customersin this segment with authentic, emotionally-engaging experiences. Our targeted customersare those seeking something special only for themselves. For these people, life is all aboutmaking the best possible use of the time available to them. These are folks whose motto is‘to own the moment’, people who optimize every snippet of time with meaningful andbeautiful things,” ended Ramesh.


More information about THE X7 can be found at and through the Call Center;Phone + 622129279677, WhatsApp line +6285288886269 and email .





1. Technical specifications of the first-ever BMW X7 xDrive40i.

2. Dimensions of the first-ever BMW X7 xDrive40i.


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The First-Ever BMW X7.
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