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Whether it’s a small scratch or major damage after an accident, everyday life can leave many marks. Yet whatever happens, our BMW Certified Body and Paint Shops place experts at your side to ensure that your vehicle quickly returns to its flawless condition. Because nobody knows your BMW like we do.

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  • 01 Value retention thanks to a certified repair process.
  • 02 The vehicle passes all safety checks.
  • 03 Perfect functionality.
  • 04 Swift and smooth processing.
  • 05 That good feeling of being in the best hands.


BMW Certified Body and Paint Shops BMW Repair and Care

Select repairs with state-of-the-art testing and diagnostics technology. Our standards serve as a qualification for both BMW owned and independent body and paint centres and safeguard our high demands on quality. Trained experts ensure the value retention of your BMW with Original BMW Parts or the BMW ColorSystem. Both for BMW vehicles with combustion engines and for our electric vehicles.


BMW Repair and Care BMW accident repairs close up BMW kidney exchange

Accidents do happen. But don’t worry: our experts are there at your side with fast and professional assistance. Even after an accident with complex damage to body, paintwork, the electronics, or safety systems. With expertise, Original BMW Parts or parts of equivalent quality and the best repair procedure in each individual case. This approach ensures both an immaculate appearance and the flawless use of all functions in your vehicle.

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BMW Repair and Care Body Damage Repairs employee service workshop

BMW Body Damage Repairs.

The body is crucial for the safety of the vehicle’s occupants. If an accident occurs that results in severe damage extending beyond a mere dent, our specialists first determine the extent of the damage using state-of-the-art analytical and diagnostic tools and then restore your vehicle to its proper condition. This ensures that no sacrifices are made in terms of appearance and above all safety.

BMW Repair and Care Paint Damage Repairs employee service workshop

BMW Paint Damage Repairs.

To deal with extensive paint damage repairs, our experts use both the latest paint polishing technologies and the environmentally friendly water-based BMW ColorSystem. Accuracy of colour shade and precise workmanship compliant with the latest BMW paint and repair standards lead to a brilliant result that is highly durable and retains the value of your BMW.


BMW Repair and Care BMW Cosmetic Repairs employee service workshop

Even a minor mishap calls for great skill. That is what BMW Cosmetic Repairs is there for. Whether for a small scratch in the paint finish or a tear in the upholstery, using innovative repair technologies our specialists remedy minor faults in a quick and straightforward manner. And make sure that your BMW remains an original BMW.

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BMW Repair and Care BMW Windscreen Repairs

BMW Glass Repairs.

A small stone can cause a lot of damage. The apparently small impact of a chip can quickly develop into a crack in the windscreen, making an expensive replacement necessary. However, if the chip damage is not directly in the driver’s field of vision, our experts can repair it in a quick and straightforward manner.

BMW Repair and Care BMW Dent Repairs employee service workshop

BMW Dent Repairs.

Has your last journey left its mark? Our experts are there to help you and remove dents with a diameter of up to 60 mm from body panels. Modern dent removal techniques ensure that the paint finish is not damaged during repair.

BMW Repair and Care BMW Spot Repairs employee service workshop

BMW Spot Repairs.

Our experts remove minimal paint damage of up to 25 mm in diameter on the periphery and near the edges, and scratches of up to 100 mm in length with speed and precision. Thanks to a special treatment procedure it is not necessary to dismantle the part during the repair.

BMW Repair and Care BMW Plastic Repairs employee service workshop

BMW Plastic Repairs.

Thanks to BMW plastic repair, minor damage to plastic parts on the exterior with a diameter of up to 25 mm – such as a small crack in the bumper – can be remedied quickly and easily. Our experts are also able to repair scratches and scuff marks with supreme care.

BMW Repair and Care BMW Wheel Rim Repairs employee service workshop

BMW Wheel Rim Repairs.

Just a moment’s loss of concentration when parking can lead to damage on the wheel rim. Our specialists repair damage to the wheel rim up to a maximum depth of 1 mm at a distance of no more than 5 cm from the rim flange using an innovative filler and then paint it so that it matches your BMW perfectly.

BMW Repair and Care BMW Interior Repairs employee service workshop

BMW Interior Repairs.

Life leaves its mark. Whether it’s a tear or a hole in the upholstery or minor abrasions, such as on controls, we remove these marks up to a diameter of 15 mm or with a length of up to 40 mm. Annoying dirt marks or discoloured areas can also be rectified.


  • How can I contact the BMW Accident Hotline?

    In the event of an accident, we are just one phone call away. BMW Accident Management takes care of everything – from the accident report and repair through to the complete processing of claims. The BMW Accident Hotline is there for you around the clock. Simply contact us via the iDrive menu, the touchscreen or by phone: 08001269269

  • What can BMW Accident Repair offer me?
  • When is a BMW Cosmetic Repair appropriate?
  • What is the BMW ColorSystem?


BMW Repair and Care BMW Service Hub BMW service employee advises customer

The full scope of BMW Service.

You and your BMW are in the best possible hands with your BMW Service Partner. The wide and varied range includes long-term service packages, attractive all-in prices and many more individual services.

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BMW Repair and Care BMW Accident Support and Breakdown Assistant man on the phone

BMW Breakdown and Accident Assistance.

The service provided by the BMW breakdown and accident assistance is available to you free of charge around the clock – 365 days per year. Contact us by phone or via the My BMW App or straight from your vehicle.

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BMW Dealer Warranty BMW Repair and Care woman seated with BMW catalogue in her hand

BMW Dealer Warranty.

If the worst comes to the worst, benefit from comprehensive services such as swift repairs with Original BMW Parts and enjoy the reassuring feeling of being prepared for everything.

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BMW Repair and Care My BMW App woman with smartphone in hands leaning against BMW vehicle

My BMW App.

An easy way to manage maintenance and service appointments as well using the My BMW App.

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