BMW Service Inclusive. Fixed costs. Full service.

With BMW Service Inclusive, you have acquired the vehicle-related right to have the maintenance and wear-and-tear repair work on the vehicle performed within 5 years for 60.000 km by the selling dealer or any participating BMW Service authorized workshop. Entitlement to the services is transferred to the next owner if the vehicle is sold during the term of your contract.


The service package consists of wear-and-tear repairs as well as maintenance work and services on the factory-made vehicle (including oil, labour and all necessary Original BMW Parts) as stated in the following:


1.Engine oil change and top-up
2.Service/replacement of air filter, fuel filter, micro filter, spark plug and brake fluid
3.Brake pads, front and rear*
4.Brake discs, front and rear*
6.Windscreen wiper blades***
7.Service vehicle check
*Not valid for BMW M models.
**For manual transmission, if worn.
***coinciding with engine oil change and top-up.

Duty of care.


Entitlement to these services assumes that you have driven your car properly and had it serviced as recommended by the manufacturer. The following items are not covered: fuel; contamination in the fuel system; damage to paint finish, body, covers, panels; glass damage (e. g. windows, headlights); wind, squeaking and rattling noises, as well as smells; tyres, wheel imbalances and wheel damage; repairs to accessories, which were not included when the new vehicle was ordered; repairs for which the vehicle user is responsible (e. g. engine damage due to insufficient oil, participation in race events). Services provided by BMW Road Assistance, statutory warranty claims as well as exclusions of warranty claims as stated in the conditions of sale for new vehicles remain unaffected.

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Which package best meets your requirements? Choose between BMW Service Inclusive and BMW Service Inclusive Plus. And if you combine the additional option BMW Extended Warranty with the service package BMW Service Inclusive Plus, you have the full range of services. In addition to covering maintenance work and wear-and-tear repairs, your entitlement to warranty services is also extended beyond the statutory period.

Find out which service package best meets your needs.

  • BMW Service Inclusive
  • BMW Service Inclusive Plus
  • BMW Extended Warranty
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Because this package comes as standard with every new BMW, the resale value would still be high if you choose to sell it while the package is still valid. And in the future when this package is approaching its expiration, you could extend it by contacting your authorized BMW Dealership.

Find out which service package best meets your needs.

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