BMW ConnectedDrive Driver Assistance systems in the BMW 7 Series.

Numerous innovative technologies support you during travel in a range of different ways, guaranteeing top-class comfort and safety. This means you can focus on what really matters − carefree driving pleasure.

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The Navigation system Professional features a sleek design and a superior range of services: it delivers a simple and easy-to-use navigation system that is seamlessly integrated into the BMW, incl. the iDrive operating concept with iDrive Touch Controller and Touch Display. The system comprises Voice control, radio BMW Professional with DVD drive, as well as 20 GB of memory for audio files. It also facilitates the use of Real Time Traffic Information (RTTI). The built-in 10.25" LCD colour display with split screen function (main and supplementary windows) is designed for optimal readability and overview.
The operation allows for seamless switching between input options with the iDrive Touch Controller, whose touch-sensitive surface allows destinations to be entered into the navigation system easily using handwriting, via the display with touch screen function, via Gesture Control or Voice control, as well as by means of seven bookmarks.
The system automatically updates its maps up to four times a year for three years in selected European countries as part of BMW ConnectedDrive in the domestic market.
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Sophisticated parking aids ensure effortless parking maneuvers for 7 Series drivers. Park Assistant helps identify suitable parallel parking spaces and when activated will automatically steer, brake and throttle the 7 Series in to a spot. Park distance control provides audible and visible cues to warn of proximity to other vehicles, objects or pedestrians.

  • Remote Control Parking

    The Remote Control Parking function allows the driver to conveniently hop out of the vehicle before parking it via remote control by moving it forward into, or reversing out of, a tight parking space or garage. The driver activates the remote-controlled parking function from outside the vehicle via the BMW display key.

    The entire parking procedure is monitored by Park Distance Control (PDC), the Parking assistant and the Surround View sensors. In order to use the remote-controlled parking function, the vehicle has to be straight and centered, facing the parking space or garage. During the parking procedure the driver can bring the vehicle to a controlled stop if necessary.

    Once parked, the engine can be switched off via the key. And when it's time to move on, the engine can also be restarted via the key. During remote-controlled pulling out of a parking space, the vehicle automatically reverses in a straight line.

    The Remote Control Parking function is available from April 2017 for the models 730d, 740d, 730i, 740i, 750i, 730Ld, 740Ld, 730Li, 740Li and 750Li. 

  • Parking Assistant

    The Parking assistant including linear guidance parks the vehicle completely automatically in parking spaces that are parallel or perpendicular to the street. Whether activated or not, the system measures potential spaces while driving past them at a low speed (below 35 km/h) and at a maximum distance of 1.5 m from the row of parked cars.

    Once a sufficiently sized space has been found, the driver only has to turn on the indicator and the Parking assistant takes over the steering, as well as selecting the correct gear, accelerating and braking. The driver is only responsible for monitoring the parking process. The system also gives instructions in the Control Display and additional acoustic signals. The Parking assistant emits an audible signal when the parking process is over, and shifts gear into P.

    When parking without Parking assistant, the Lateral parking aid uses additional sensors to monitor the areas to the sides of the car and represent obstacles on the Control Display. Active Park Distance Control (PDC) brakes automatically if a collision with an obstacle is imminent when backing into a space. So the driver can stay relaxed and enjoy greater safety while parking.

  • Active PDC

    The braking function Active PDC supports the driver in reverse parking situations to avoid collisions and reduce the severity of an accident. So the driver can stay relaxed and enjoy greater safety while parking.


Surround View includes the camera-based functions Rear view camera, Panorama View, Top View, 3D View and Remote 3D View. The cameras in the exterior mirrors as well as at the front and rear of the vehicle allow for a 360° all-around view.

In addition to the simple depiction of the driving space to the rear, Top View offers the driver a look over the door and the lane area to the car sides for more convenient manoeuvring. In 3D View, a computer generated 3D view is shown simultaneously, for an even better overview when parking. Panorama View makes navigating in areas with low visibility, such as driveways or confusing intersections, safer. A digital camera at the front centre of the car captures the traffic situation in front of the vehicle. This enables early detection of oncoming traffic so that the driver can react appropriately. The Side View function is automatically deactivated when the car reaches 15 km/h.

The driver can switch between the three functions Top View, Panorama View and 3D View. The last selected function will be automatically reactivated when the system is next used. The camera systems are activated when the car is put into reverse or the PDC button or Panorama View button is pressed. The images captured by the cameras are shown on the Control Display. With Remote 3D View, the driver can see the parked vehicle's surroundings from a distance on an iPhone.

Surround View.

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